Having a large experience for the shipments of non-standard, large sized and heavy cargoes, enables to provide the members and cargo owners with the professional and technical expertise for the carriage of the goods.
Cargo operations are carried out in accordance with the cargo plan or other document and established safety rules and regulations, such as equipment operating instructions and shipboard stowage limitations. The handling of dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoes complies with international regulations and recognized standards and codes of safe practice.

Cargo Plan

Main contents of detailed cargo plan and report, which are developed in accordance to Classification Society Rules requirements:

– general ship’s data
– details of cargo
– analyze of voyage conditions

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Stowage plan completed in accordance with shapes and features of concerned cargoes, allowing to use cargo holds volume more effectively.

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Method Statement

Provides guidelines for the procedure of cargo lifting using one or two cranes in a tandem lift operation with or without any spreader bars.

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Lifting Plan

Defines the limitations on the loads, lifting methods, areas of operation and necessary lifting material.

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Securing of the cargo shall guarantee that the cargo remains in place, does neither topple nor collapse and remains intact throughout the voyage. Technically, while planning and/or assessing a securing arrangement, the following incidents must be avoided and considered:

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Ship Structure Strength Calculation

The bedding of heavy cargo units in ships requires proper pre-planning and the consideration of the structural strength of the stowage area. A bedding plan shall be prepared showing the necessary beams for load distribution. Appropriate calculations

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